Judo for fred is a cooperation between the Norwegian and the Afghan Judo Federations. We use judo as a tool to promote peaceful conflict resolution, equality between sexes and ethnicities, respect, knowledge about health, organization building, human rights and at better every day life for unfortunate children. Judo for fred is Norwegian and means Judo for peace. Our slogan “slåss for frihet” is also Norwegian and means fight for liberty.

Through this Web TV we wish to show some of the happiness unfortunate children in one of the poorest countries in the world experience on the judo mat.

There is a desperate need for tatamies and gis (mats and judo suits) among the street children and the orphans involved in this project. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and we promise that nothing will be spent on administration, transfer fees, or any other fees. If you give us 10 USD, 10 USD will be used to support the children with gis and tatatmies.

For more information visit our web page: www.judoforfred.org

Our bank details:

Bank: DnB NOR
A/C for international payments/IBAN: NO18 1645 1057 514
Contact information: post@judoforfred.org